August 23rd, 2016

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Since I made the giant house To Do list here in April, I've been almost non-stop busy -- and still haven't struck much off the housey list. Here're some of the things I DID manage, so I can put it all in a bit of perspective (and try to remember it):

  • Designed, laid out, and made maps for a 150 page freelance project document, which meant working three or four hours after my regularly scheduled 8.5 hour work day an 10 hours on weekends for basically the entire month of May. There've since been lulls of a few weeks at a time while things are reviewed by my client and the head contractor, and we're just now finishing up... though more edits will come after community feedback, as part of a new contract.

  • Did a logotype/business card freelance project for far too little money, and learned the valuable lesson that I shouldn't give people quotes face to face because I don't ask for enough then.

  • Designed and printed invitations for Kiyoko's bridal shower, including a vector illustration of her favorite type of teacup because why not. ;)

  • Technically this was done before the giant to do list, but I'm proud of it, so: did a charcoal and chalk portrait of a friend for his new album cover, then did all the album cover design/layout. I did every step from original art through to production, and it was the first project done in my new studio!

  • Performed at the Couth Buzzard in Seattle, twice at the Olympia Farmer's Market, at Dupont's 'historical' (ha!) festival, and for the Batdorf & Bronson 30 year anniversary party (B&B are Erik's employers).

  • Wrote a 3 page summary of my weird health issues dating back to when I was in college, with dates and medication trials, and organized a medical binder that impressed the heck out of various office staff. I think there were at least four doc visits in this time frame, and one of them lasted six hours. (No, we still have no idea why I'm itching everywhere).

  • hosted a studio celebration / yard party

  • finished and posted a chapter of the aStSHB sequel fic

  • Was Maid of Honor in Kiyoko's wedding, which was three days of festivities as well as all the dress buying and shoe fixing and planning things. Oh, and the speech! I managed a sentence in Japanese and thankyou in Tagalog, so got both her family and aunties in the Phillipine American family she's marrying into to cry. \o/

  • I got the partial path in back redone in sheet mulch with a recycled wood border. The path isn't done, but the section of it that I made once with gravel and then dismantled is done, so it's no longer an ankle breaker. WIth the help of the neighbor's kid I also got a sheetmulched wide path to the compost bins.

  • I painted a mural for [ profile] emony42's baby Benjamin, and I'm quite pleased with it.


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