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I saw the list I posted last time I popped onto LJ, so I decided to copy it and see how much I'd gotten done!

Almost none of it, it turns out.

I got an extension on the Fake Driveway, so it's not due until November 11, which is good because the giant freelance project that was supposed to be done in May is STILL going in August, and there was another one in that time, as well as several gigs, Kiyoko's wedding, and ongoing health issues.

Fake Paver Driveway / Patio (must be done by June 1!)

  • Finish digging driveway hole (mom helped)

  • Order & spread gravel ($125 and mom's help)

  • Form 'pavers' ($200, halfway done)

  • pour driveway ($$$, requires dad's help)

  • get inspection!

Other Yarden things

  • Build short  retaining wall + steps in front ($$$$, hiring friend Tom to do it)

  • Take down ~50' of old fence (the neighbor had that done with a backhoe but now she's super antsy that I haven't built a new one yet), build new fence ($$$ and work party)

  • cut old fence boards down for border (borrow or buy saw)

  • take down cherry tree (requires dad's help or $$$ to hire someone)

  • limb up / clean up maple ($$$$ to hire arborist)

  • redo back path with fence-board border & sheet mulch

  • edge existing south bed with fence boards

  • continue sheet mulching back yard (made progress, nowhere near finished)

  • build raised beds in front yard ($$$ for materials, probably soil)

Exterior House things

  • install ridge vent ($$$, dad's help)

  • exterior trim for new windows ($$$ for material)

  • wire in extra porch light from outside

  • siding patches on new areas ($$$ for material)

  • final inspection and off permit!

  • remove alumnimum siding from front

  • clean & paint front of house

Interior House things

  • studio window trim

  • studio chimney trim & shelves

  • sand & finish studio door

  • finish drywall mud in laundry room

  • replumb laundry room ($$$, dad's help)

  • floor laundry room ($$$)

  • patch living room drywall

  • paint living room & hallway (already have paint!)

  • replacing living room fan

  • replace living room baseboard & door casing?

  • replace living room heater

  • paint dining room

  • rewire master bedroom for wall sconce

  • paint master bedroom

NEW things

  • Pay a plumber one thousand dollarses for a new main water line

Date: 2016-08-23 02:45 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
NEW things are the worst.

Your to-do list makes me tired just reading it lol.


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