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Someone on [ profile] designrants linked to a straightforward essay on why designers are still needed.

I flipped back through a few of the blog's previous posts, and found a rant about tools and the replacement cost thereof.

I'm pretty sure it makes me a geezer only one step away from telling kids to get off my lawn*, but little fishies, how I feel this rant.

The current** fiscal situation of Skellinton Art is, er, negative, due to last year's planned purchase of Adobe CS3 and totally unplanned emergency purchase of Gonzales. I freelance for extra cash to buy my design and art toys, mostly, so that's to be expected, but still, it's amazing how much we all spend on things that we expect to replace within five years.

Vis a vis computers, this is in large part because of the speed of technological innovation, and the speed of technological innovation is honestly pretty cool. When it comes to my cell phone, I'd rather I hadn't had to replace it after two years, considering that the new one does basically the same shit as the old one, and that shit is all I need (to be fair, the call quality is marginally better, and it's, er, lime green, which is a plus). Once you get into the average purchasing habits of cars, you get into the truly ridiculous.

Just things I've been thinkin' about.

EDIT: Forgot that though I'm using Open Office now, I'm considering shelling out for MS Office. I don't love it, but everyone uses it, and it's getting awkward. Damn.

*I'll get tips on proper lawn-clearing technique from [ profile] duffy61.

**I originally spelled this 'currant', an understandable slip-up considering my last few posts.
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After much deliberation, I decided against using zombies to advertise "Eleanor Roosevelt Comes Alive."

What do you think of my alternative?
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I worked 11 hours straight yesterday, including work I'd never done before (major signage) and work I'm technically not supposed to do (writing). That's probably part of why I can't stop sniggering when I read this. Really.

"Ride on "Santa's Express" to "Candy Cane Town" with B & E!"

It's the beginning of some ad copy for a children's program. The rest of it is fine (describes the program), but I can't get past "ride on santa's express" without gigglefits, and I'm pretty sure that indicates that there's something wrong with me.
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Well, I'm still not disgusted by my site design idea, so as promised, here are samples of what it looks like. They're images - I'm still playing around in photoshop. Not willing to build out something I might scrap at any moment.

Please, please, critique away (this goes double for people who don't actually know what they're talking about, cause I figure you're my client-base. :P

Cut for bein' FREAKIN' HYOOOGE! )

The only operating philosophy here is that the site design is totally secondary to the work on display. Nothing should compete with the portfolio pieces.

Oh, and happy Singles Awareness Day or Happy VD, as you choose!
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I just came up with the best coolest most promising least objectionable redesign for my website yet! There's still hope!

When I say "Came up with" I don't mean it dropped out of the blue. I mean that...lezzee...after umpteen sketches and nine total inspiration-less iterations in the past week, not counting how many of the same have been created over the last three years, I've reached something I'm not disgusted with. My design process is not always this hard, but I was burnt out on THIS project years before I started.

Design(er's emotional) Process
1. I'm going to create the COOLEST SITE EVER. It will be clear and communicative and showcase who I am at the depths of my wild soul!
2. I'm going to make a professional, functional website that gives prospective clients a clue what I do.
3. I'm going to make a professional, functional website that gives prospective clients a clue what I do, because I need it NOW, dammit.
4 I will never be excited about this project again. If I can find something that works, I'll just be done.
5. I will never find something that works, let alone anything to be excited about.
6. I will never make anything that doesn't disgust me. Is it to late to study accountancy?
7. SPSCC offers accounting courses...
8. I...hey...that's not a load of crap. I could work with that. Something I might just barely be able to work into something's more than I dreamed possible! HOW EXCITING!

If I'm still not disgusted with it in the morning, I'll upload a pic tomorrow night. Design-wise, there is nothing there to be excited about - I have to keep things bland so that it doesn't detract from the art - but I think the bones have potential.
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I sent a two page job to the fancy xerox with instructions to print the two pages side-by-side, for comparison. It printed the right style and size, but only the first page, and the only thing I could think to say was...

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Why, pray tell, do I receive, from a librarian, a list of materials (books, cds, etc) which is incorrect and mostly plagiarized? PEOPLE, YOU GOT A MASTERS DEGREE IN THIS. You make half again what I do because you have a masters degree, and yet you persist in doing things that would have had me flunking out of 100 level art courses. It's pathetic. (For anyone curious - they stripped the subtitles off the listings, did the most minor of rewrites on the subtitles - we're talking adding "the" - and put them back in as descriptions of the works).

At the staff meeting everyone else has their own concerns, of course. Peg is just overjoyed that the much talked about New-Green-Form (which librarians will use to order posters and such) will be partially automated. It's been in the pipeline for more than a year and a half, and we're overjoyed that when you click "3 copies to Aberdeen, 6 to Centralia" it actually figures out that you want nine copies total!

Yes, we at the library are tentatively dipping our toes in the shallow end of the 21st century. Please don't splash, and for little fishies' sakes, don't steal our swim-noodle.

Jeff wants to have an idea of what our schedules are...such a demanding boss! *g* Nancy's is at the whim of animals, Devin's at the whim of school and I-5, and Jim-the-printer has another full time job and snags time when he can make it. It's perfectly understandable, but can be a little tough when you need to get paper ordered or clarify print specs before you send to film.

Peg suggested writing his projected time on the main calendar, but I'd rather get a spot-light and a printer-shaped gobo. Then when I had a burning print-process question, I'd turn it on, and far away Jim would look up and yell "THE PRINT SIGNAL! To the PRINT CAVE!" and come rushing over in his Printmobile, which is a 77 VW rabbit.
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The IACA* Conference is in Seattle next week. I did the logo, so either I need to have business cards for Dad to hand out at the convention, or resign myself to being a complete dip who misses even the most blatant opportunities. To this end, I've been making new business cards. There are few versions -- most use the almost-but-not-quite-completed new Skellington Art logo, a few are cartoony, a few have pieces of the Quartet paintings in the background (to demonstrate both music and painting, theoretically).

These last have a drawback I never would have thought of. My mom discovered it when she was focus grouping my cards at her office. People don't realise the cello scroll is a painting. Now, the business card designer part of me is saying "Well, crap. That defeats the purpose." The rest of me is all "HAWT DAMN. WHO ROCKS TEH PAINT? YEAH, BABY, I ROCKZ TEH PAINT! YOU KNOW IT!"

I'll put up pics when I'm home and can ftp 'em.

A few of mum's coworkers had a very interesting reaction:
"This doesn't work, because I read it as Skellington Art, not S. Kellington Art".
"Yeah, that's okay. That's what it is."
"But you're S. Kel..."
"And Skellington."
"But which do you..."
"It doesn't matter. Really, truly doesn't matter."

Apparently the fluidity of nicks is one of those web generation things. I figure pronounciation of the business name doesn't matter unless you're doing something aural. People call me Skellington, but S. Kellington is 'real' without
having to do weird legal things like registered trade names. Ambiguity For teh win!

*International Association ((of Corporate Administrators) OR (for the Consumption of Alchohol))


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