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Sometimes someone pays to to paint something.

acrylic on board, 12"x12"

I just spent an enjoyable half hour talking to the buyer in the parking lot at my work (because art deals, like drug deals, should go down in a parking lot. In cash). She said she was a patron of my art; I told her she was The Patron of my art, as far as I could tell -- other people have bought my work, but the only other people with more than one painting are my aunt'n'uncle (commissioned nursery art, again) and my parents (who're storing the stuff that's too big).

Really, I've been very lucky. Not only did a gallery downtown agree to show my Sheep in Space a few years ago, the one person who totally fell in love with them happened to visit the gallery at the right time and happened to be married to an orthodontist (orthodontists make bank). She bought about half the work I had up, then commissioned me to do a painting for her then-on-the-way first kid's room (a black sheep, white sheep, and little gray -- well, violet -- baby, to match their family). This is the second commission, for kid number 2, in which she stretched my artistic limits by asking me to paint them on the ground.

They don't even have helmets. It is not the natural order of things.
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Someone who collects antique glass marbles should NOT have this much trouble painting what is basically a glass orb.

Fricking sheep helmets.

On t'other hand, I finished Erik's birthday painting last week, and it looks pretty decent for an experiment! Only a month late, too!
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To-Do lists are usually irish polkas, in that they're made up of fairly simple items that go by incredibly fast. If your to-do list is a four part reel or a slip jig, woe betide you.

Fiddletunes is behind me, I have no free evenings to myself for the forseable future, my laptop won't power up, and I'm feeling not exactly overwhelmed, but somewhat a-sea.

For the sake of internal clarity )
I'm not despairing - in fact, I'm pretty damn perky. But I still don't know how I'm going to get anything done. Having the laptop fail is really the icing on the cake -- hopefully Dad or I can get it working. Failing that, I'll take it to fourth dimension, and if I can't figure something out in the next few weeks, Erik said he'd loan me his.
Thankfully, since I just did that round of reformatting a few weeks ago, everything is happily backed up on an external hard-drive.

With regards to money, if anyone knows of someone looking for fiddle lessons in the greater Olympia area, I'll take anyone who's touched a violin before.

In unrelated news, Otter's Holt (Dad, Gerald, and I) has a gig this Saturday! (not public).
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I've been ill.

When I woke up yesterday I was so weak that it was seriously questionable whether I could make it downstairs to turn the heat on. I had to use two hands to lift the tea kettle. I spilled things and was physically incapable of cleaning them.

I had vibrant memories of a possible fever-inspired dream wherein my papa had died when I was a child and mom had quickly replaced him with someone of the same body-type, facial type, and name. This was very upsetting. Also, I was a penguin.*

This degraded to the point of me doing something I've done very rarely - asking to be taken care of. My wonderful, wonderful mom came over, made me dinner, and cleaned my house. Dad came by later and I was assured that he was definitely the real, original papa (Mom, on the other hand, say she can't believe I forgot my de-penguinification surgeries).

Mom forbade me going into work tomorrow (today now), because "If you're so ill that you have to call your mom to take care of you, you need an extra day to recover." I slept in, comfortable in the knowledge that I Had A Note From My Mother.

This morning I awoke at 10 to a significantly cleaner house, almost completely restored health, and a check from Deb at the gallery - the first sheep painting has sold! Literally, too - it was the first painted.

*I only realized this when the dream-camera switched to a kind of third person, a shot of my parents giving me a large doll. Mom asked, concerned "Do you think it's too big?" and I answered "No, I'll grow into it."
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Sheep in Space paintings are now on display down at The State of the Arts in Olympia, Washington (right across from Wind Up Here, on the same block as the performing arts center). Deb was great, helping me out with pricing and, well, just liking my stuff and providing a spot for it. She sent out a new artist announcement to her customer base and everything!

I did get everything named, with the help of friends and family. Prints will (eventually) be on the way to [ profile] westrider and [ profile] padparascha, for naming and helping inspire the name of The Dark Sheep of the Moon, [ profile] bluwyngz for Wool Cycle, Gwen of Olympia Art and Frame for Ewe're It, and several to my family. I have to play around with the printer and color levels before I'm happy enough to send them out, though.
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Erik and I went out to Nisqually Sunday afternoon, to see if we could see the baby Wols*. We did, and through the binoculars you can see that they're fuzzy footballs with heads. Adorable fuzzy footballs with heads. We also saw a woodduck and his lady friend, multitudes of wobblers**, and a weasel! Though technically, I think the weasel saw us. And he might have been a mink. But I hope he was a weasel, because with woodducks, wols, wobblers and weasels, it was a very w kind of day. I wonder if the wildlife refuge cycles through the alphabet, and if I went back today I would have seen things starting with X. Or perhaps they use one of those lame alphabet books that combines X, Y, and Z because they can't think of anything.

It was a really lovely weekend. I even got the backings on all the sheep, and painted a new one who doesn't quite belong, so it was productive as well as enjoyable.

*Owls, for those that haven't read their A. A. Milne.

**Warblers, for those who didn't hear it from my brother.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have for your perusal several fine specimens of the Ovine persuasion, who feel themselves lost, adrift - bereft of identity.

I need names for these sheep. I need them by the first week of March, so that I can have them ready to bring to a gallery. I'm looking for funny, silly, cute sobriquets or captions.

"What's in it for me?" I hear you ask. Besides my undying appreciation, a PRINT! If, after my highly subjective and no-doubt alcohol fueled judging process, I decide to use a name which you suggested, I shall send a high-quality print of the named piece(s) to your domicile.

The flock )

It might not be speedy (sheep aren't, as a rule) - I won't send out a print until I'm happy with the quality. I certainly won't be making any from these snapshots (currently I'm leaning towards paying my good neighbor Steve over at Vento Photographyto make the dig files - he makes my art look good.

Only two pieces already have names - "Stargrazing" and "I don't know - how did you get here?" If that helps you out any.
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This morning I showed some of my space sheep to Deb, the owner of State of the Arts, a gallery in downtown Olympia. My watercolorist friend Eric (Nancy's husband) facilitated the introduction and encouraged me to follow it up.


She thinks they're adorable, and wants me to get a bunch hang-ready and call her at the beginning of March, which is when she'll be planning the next show! This is a working gallery - stuff needs to be reasonably priced and able to sell - so it's not like a gala show or anything. She said she'd like to put a few up in the display windows and test market 'em.

People LIKE my sheep! And I haven't even painted any lambs yet! Or black holes! Or rams! The possibilities are practically astronomical!

Of course, there are difficulties. Getting sheep painted and hang-ready by early march? No problem! Getting my website decent so I can capitalize on publicity? Ah, there's the rub...any MySQL/php geniuses out there?
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Since so many of, a few of, [ profile] bluwyngz...have asked what I've been up to artistically lately, here you go! Hot off the drawing/painting table, finished within the hour, 5"x7" acrylic.


I really need to do some coding, and I'm really looking forward to installing KotOR, and I suppose I ought to eat soon, but I'm going to go start another painting instead. Boo. Ya.

EDIT: Apparently phalo blue doesn't come out of carpet.


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