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I spent Monday and Tuesday up in Seattle for two appointments -- supposed to be three, but the nutritionist got pneumonia. Ended up being two whole days off for two twenty minute appointments, but I got to see Emony and and family and have lunch with Alexis, so that was good.  Then yesterday I took the morning off to get an IUD, and the cramping from that turned it into a whole day off, but it's better now.

Today I'm trying to remember how to Job, figure out how to look for Job, and worrying that the next potential job I found may be out of my grasp. I was super excited, but one of the requirements is 'has two years conveying complex scientific information to a lay audience' which... I just don't have. I'm pretty damn sure I can do it! But I've got no way to prove that I can. And it's something I really want to learn how to do, which means it'd actually be a great fit for me, because I need challenges to succeed. :(

Oh, and I have my fiddle student today. And didn't really sleep last night, because I'd napped away the cramps, so I'm tuckered. Oof.
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