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The last two weeks have been the GOOD kind of crazy, which is much nicer than the bad kind. There's so much to talk about I hardly no where to start.

First, I found out the job I was hoping to apply for was reviewing candidates a week earlier than I expected. I'd given myself an assignment to boost my portfolio cred for this job (which deserves it's own separate post) and suddenly I had to finish it fast, on a day when I'd already committed to be somewhere else. 'Somewhere Else' was my friend's ranch, where I spent the afternoon playing pretty ponies. I took two mares from mudballs to shiny, and in the process I got to lead them around on strings, which is basically all eight year old me wanted in life. 

The next day I went for a bikeride. It was 28 miles, which used to be only middling for me and is now quite long. My legs and lungs were fine, but my back was horrible for the next two days. Apparently I lost all my core strength over my illness. "Do boring core exercises" has become a more urgent task on my list.

The back made driving up to and enjoying Fiddle Tunes more difficult, but I did it anyway. First time I've gone up in three years, and wow, I don't think I'd realized how much I missed it. It was made even better by the fact that friends of mine are now living three minutes from the fort, so I had a bed to sleep. It's also more time than I've spent with those friends since they stayed at my place for a week a few years back, so it was great to catch up. I played music with lots of people, chatted with even more, basked in the sun, sketched, and generally had a marvelous time. I could only stay up for two nights, but when I came back down I had the best 're-entry' into 'normal' society I could hope for -- I called my dad round-about Shelton and found out he and some of our musicker crowd who weren't at camp were just about to sit down to dinner downtown, so they saved me a seat and i joined them. The crack was so good, and I was so hyped to play more, that I invited everyone back to my place after dinner, so we had songs and tunes around the fire pit in the back yard (in between fireworks and the neighbor repeatedly mowing the same patch of lawn, because it was national explode things day).

Later that week I had overnight guests from France by way of Quebec, whom I'd never met (kids of friends of friends sorta thing, possibly with more layers than that). I had to get the guest room cleaned out for them, which is GREAT, because next week Erik's mom is coming to visit.  He's lived here over 14 years and this is the first time she's come out. It's also her first travel without his dad, and just a big deal all round.

This weekend I had a ton of energy and unexpectedly had my folks' extra vehicle while they were at the Oregon Country Fair, and I ended up getting a ton of stuff done on my house. Lots of little things that I've been meaning to do for ages but hadn't gotten around to:
  • Replaced 30" hall closet door that blocked almost the whole hallway with two french-opening doors from a bifold door kit with all the hardware removed. I had to chisel two new hinge mortises into the door frame, which was new for me.
  • Replaced the hall light, because as long as I was working on the hallway I might as well, and because the replacement was a fixture I took out of the laundry room and had stored for three years and I was tired of moving it from place to place.
  • Replaced the non-functional, noisy-when-functional, and incredibly ugly living room ceiling fan with a nicer looking, quieter, more powerful fan. Turns out the old fan was just wired waaaay too loosely -- one neutral was floating free in the box, and the wire nut pulled right off the hot leads. \o/ I'd never taken a look at 'fixing' it before because it was so dang noisy and had so little airflow that it wasn't worth it, but now all these problems are solved with the power of consumerism.
  • Since I spent all this time up near the ceiling, I also destroyed huge amounts of cobwebs. \o/

Just in case all that isn't ENOUGH, my friend Tom started work on my retaining wall out front, Anthony & Kiyoko joined us for dinner somewhere in there, and I got a phone interview for the job I applied for way back at the beginning of all this! The phone interview was this morning, and I think it went really well.

The world may be going to hell, but with some health-related exceptions, my small corner of it seems to be doing pretty dang well.

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Yesterday was less social than the few previous, which meant I only called three people and had two over ([ profile] emony42 and her husband R). Lyns and R came by to visit and drop off her alarm clock, which is one of those sunrise-simulating ones, so I can test it to see if I'm willing to drop the money on one.

I tried it this morning, and I DID actually wake up a bit more thoroughly than for my phone alarm -- but I also woke up enough to remember it was my day off and I could go back to sleep, so my morning was still shot. Oops.

We chatted about all sorts of things -- among others, my dreams of spending money I don't have on some kind of media machine that would let me play my (perfectly ripped, exhaustively tagged, beautifully organized) FLAC sound files from my PC over my living room speakers*, and hopefully allow for netflix and such as well. I'd been thinking of a purpose-built computer, but L&R suggested an Apple TV, which turns out to be a hell of a lot cheaper and do everything I want.


It requires the PC's from which it streams music to be running iTunes, and I won't allow iTunes on my machine. I hates it, precious.

Still, now I've got an idea of the type of thing I should be shopping for, so I'm looking at competitors. I almost wish I'd asked E for something like that for Christmas**, but too late now. :P (E gave me an anniversary present, then told me he'd take me shopping for my Christmas present because he didn't have any idea and he knows I'm picky**. Since we just happened to be standing right outside the REI at Clackamas Town Center when he told me this, I now have a really AWESOME biking rain jacket that I won't be able to use for a few months).

I know I'm getting ahead of myself in the 'major purchase planning' department -- I still don't have a housemate, though there's a guy lined up to sign a lease on Friday. I think it's displacement activity for the studio, really. Since the city halted my plans to make a BIG change to my house, I'm trying to figure out all the little ones that would make the house nicer -- new speakers, better music access, new TV stand, new couch cover, etc. I'm not actually buying any of it; just day dreaming.

Now it's time to wrap E's package (both less money and WAY less practical than mine from him, but I think he'll like it!), do some dishes, and start sketching my New Year's cards. :D I'm excited for tomorrow, mostly because I get to see E, Kiyoko, and [ profile] madalchemist's reactions to their presents (I love seeing anyone's reaction, but those are the three I'm excited for this year). I went from being excited about getting to excited about giving years ago, and I have to say it's a great feeling... though I do sometimes stress that my own pickiness about getting will screw up someone else's excitement in giving (see footnote two, again).

ANYHOW: On to wrapping! AND BELUGAS!

And maybe, just maybe, I'll get my little bro to whisk me away to the parental household early enough today that I can take a luxurious Christmas Eve BATH!***

Merry Christmas!

*Especially when I get NEW living room speakers. I... kinda killed the set I had when I moved in to the house. I have this awesome ancient JVC tuner, see, and it's fully capable of blasting out speakers at volume mark 3 or 4. So now I'm using the old set from the bookshelf system I had in college, and they're decidedly meh.

**It's really kind of embarrassing. E gets wonderful, wonderful gifts for me; he really does, but one Christmas he and dad BOTH got me new PC speakers (I returned both and got one even nicer set; better speakers and I wasn't playing favorites!) and last year he got me a bathrobe that I exchanged twice (I wanted long; then it didn't fit quite right... but it's still the bathrobe E got me in my head). I can understand him being a little worried.

***My house has no bathtub. At this point I wish I'd remodeled the bathroom instead of slaving away on plans for the studio. Arrrrgggh.
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We were all at a solstice music party until last night -- E and I didn't get home 'til one. We're going to another music party in Portland tonight, and no one is functioning on all cylinders this morning.

This morning E called me:

E: Hi! What's the plan for heading south today?

Me: Well, what time's the party start? Do you have the invitation?

E: Yeah, somewhere here, I just... Did I ever tell you about all the wrapping? Rather than pay exorbitant prices for shipping, I rushed the stuff for the kid's in it's own box and... [happily goes off into totally random play-by-play of CD burning and package mailing for FIVE MINUTES]

Me: Uh. Hun? Not that this isn't totally fascinating, but what time does the party start?

BF: Oh! The invitation -- I have that. 7!

Me: Good. You can tell me aaaall about wrapping in the car. *resolves to nap in the car*

Not three minutes later, my father calls...

Dad: I was just calling to find out... um... I dunno... I just kinda wondered... um. It was a late party last night.

Me: Yes. Yes it was.

Dad: So I figured we'd head down to Portland at...

Me, before he copies BF's wrapping monologue: We're taking separate cars; we'll see you down there, what did you need, again?

Dad: Well, I wondered what guitar E (BF) is bringing, because if he's bringing the electric one, I think I have all his audio cables and i need to know what cables he needs because that...

Me: Why don't you call HIM?

Dad: Oh! Okay. I was just... I think I just wanted to know... I forget.

Me: See you in Portland!

And for bonus silliness, this conversation happened after a particularly excellent jam at the party last night:

Dad, to E: This party is fantastic! Let's move it all 120 miles south and do it again tomorrow night!

E: Yeah! But *whispers* these people won't all fit in the car, so let's not tell them.

Dad: It's okay, we'll use new ones!

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Clan Kellington, Olympia Branch (and assorted hangers-on) is headed south tomorrow at 5 a.m., which is this mysterious time about an hour before I usually first slap the snooze button on my alarm and roll over for another 45 minutes.

We're going to visit my grandparents and see Jake Shimabukuro and Leo Kotke play at Britt, in Jacksonville. The fact that we're making this seven hour road trip with my parents (in the front seat, probably) and my boyfriend and I (in the back, as befits the younger generation, where we can poke each other and squabble until someone tells us to be quiet) is apparently surprising to many people... but we're looking forward to it.

Mom, Erik, and I wanted to buy ukuleles and teach ourselves to play on the way down, because 1) ukuleles are travel sized, 2) we're seeing Jake Shimabukuro, and 3) that's the kind of annoying-the-driver story no one would believe -- but financial prudence won out.

Also we don't want dad to leave us by the side of I-5 somewhere between Salem and Eugene. So.

(It's a hard dream to give up -- especially since I found out that Uke-an Play Jimmy Buffet! For Beginners is a thing (for real! That bad pun actually made it to publication!).

Anyhow. Don't know how much I'll be on the net, don't be surprised if I don't respond to hails, etc.
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My sweetheart just gave me the most amazing birthday gift.

He has a friend who has been learning to be a luthier for a few years, now -- and he's having that friend make me a custom tenor guitar.

I was floored. I still kind of am.

A tenor guitar is smaller bodied than most guitars and has only four strings, which are tuned in fifths to CGDA, like a viola or tenor banjo. Being tuned in fifths means that I don't have to relearn fingerings to play it. And it will be custom made by someone who loves building instruments, just for me. *dances* *squees*

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E and I went over to mom and dad's for rehearsal tonight, and had a lovely meal (beef roast, red wine, and polenta, mmmm). Over dinner the subject of the recent right-wing attacks against birth control came up, which isn't strange: we're all pretty politically aware, and my parents both work for the department of health, so it's very much on the radar.

What my parents apparently hadn't heard was the Santorum donor who said that an aspirin held between the knees was good enough contraception, so I told them.

Mom looked bewildered for a moment, then said "But -- you just roll over! It still works from behind! I mean, really, wow, they must be boring in bed!"

I pointed out that was the same issue I've found discussing sex and disabilities -- whenever the issue of brittle bones and bonin' comes up in fandom, someone says "Would top or bottom work better?" as if those are the only two choices.

By that point mom was just spluttering "Or?! OR?!" In a tone of voice that said "THIS IS NOT A BINARY CHOICE. THIS IS A BUFFET."

E (my boyfriend, in case that isn't abundantly clear): "Well, for a certain type, if it's not guy on top it's not moral, right?"

Dad: "Man, I'm glad we're not them. We have so much more fun."

Cue the rest of the meal veering into a discussion of how open-minded people have better sex lives.
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Tumwater resident victim of hit and run; our forensics team is on the scene.

Cut for minor gore )

We were on our way to the grocery store when we saw the victim, and after a brief pause, I said "Y'know, if we had some chalk..." and Erik said "I was just thinking police tape!" Which is both slightly disgusting and why we're quite good together, really.
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Occasionally someone asks me about age-difference relationships, and I say that I've found the important thing is that both parties can take a joke about it.

Usually, this comes in the form of me giving Erik a whole lot of shit (or occasionally my parents giving us both shit, as in the infamous Fucking Ancient Incident). It was my turn this evening, and it was so beautiful and geeky that I thought y'all needed to hear it.

For some reason we were discussing 80s arcade games (which, naturally, E played in an 80s arcade, presumably while I was riding my tricycle or something). Maybe it was the existence of pong fanfiction, or that I'd found artist Steve Thomas and his video-game propaganda; somehow, he started telling me about the vast excitement of playing Frogger with his cousins on a commodore 64. He was trying to remember how old he was, and googled the '64, leading to the following exchange:

E: It was 1982! We got the commodore 64 when it first came out.
S: Oh. It came out a year before I did.
E: That's why you have a better operating system... *pause* ...and slightly more memory.
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Artswalk, or Music Shuffle with occasional visual art, or Biannual-holy-shit-I-know-half-of-Olympia day, was awesome this year.

The we-know-everybody vibe was enhanced because Kiyoko was along with us, and nothing makes you more aware of the fact that you're getting up from dinner every five minutes to hug someone than being watched by someone who isn't part of the community.

Me: "Really, Kiyo, Olympia has fifty thousand people! It just feels small!"
Mom: "That's because you know forty thousand of them."

At the same dinner...

Me, to mom: I just learned that 'paradiddle' is a percussion term.
Dad, to Erik: 'paradiddle' is when you get lucky twice!

and sometimes people ask if my boyfriend gets along well with my parents...
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My little brother is off to school! YAY! Folks dropped him off in Ellensburg yesterday, and Saturday night we had a going-away dinner at the Olympic Club in Centralia, where we had a blast playing pool. Reasonable games for everyone (bearing in mind that both Doozer and I are total n00bs), and then an EPIC GAME OF FAIL for Andrew and I. Apparently a single game of 8-ball is not supposed to take more than an hour. Who knew?

It wasn't that we couldn't get any balls in. It's that they kept coming out! Everything but the 8 had been in at least twice. Mom and Dad were very patient, and Erik only suggested I intentionally sink the 8 and Please-End-this-Misery once.

Brad and I had a lovely ride Friday, and he showed me how to clean my drive-train Sunday evening. Result: Sparkly clean drive-train! Woo!

In appartment-vs-house news, I finally finished chipping the old paint off of the bedroom register cover, sprayed it white, and reinstalled it. It only took me a year, and now I fix it right before I move (I've my eye on that deposit). I suppose living in my folks' project for years has made me blind to things like gaping holes in the walls with register covers leaning next to 'em.

Acting kind of like I'm moving even though I'm still waiting for the appraisal...*twitch*

In art, all the dinosaurs are stuck down, and I painted a soccer ball on a squashed partial-sphere, which is ridiculously tricky. Erik read quite a bit to keep me going, and we're now only two or three Points-of-View away from the end of A Game of Thrones. The next book is already borrowed and waiting for us.
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Erik and I went to the Ren Faire up near Puyallup today. We spent far too much money (and we looked fab). Yes, Derryck, I finally bought one! BWHAHAHHAAAAA.

When I was in a dressing room being laced up, my lacer was a girl of about my hair color...and my hair length. Her skirt happened to be about the same color as mine, bodice likewise. It was...eerie. Erik swears that after seeing this he wasn't thinking about anything, no, nothing interesting, and if I wanted to know what exactly he wasn't thinking about, he has a list.

I finally bought him the scian dubh I've promised him -- a really nice handmade one.

We didn't last more than a few hours, mostly because the new location has lanes of big, ankle turning gravel (who the hell has 2" and 3" gravel?), which wore me out really fast. My bad ankles and I survived by leaning heavily on Erik's arm. As we were leaving it finally got to be too much, and he swooped me up and marched out of the faire, to loud calls of "Abduction! Abduction!" (He grinned and replied "I got one!" to anyone who looked at all surprised).

Oh, and in obviously less important news, this morning I made an offer on a house, and I'm currently in the process of negotiating.

Also, Decaf is 'helping' me type, which mostly means kneading through my too-thin PJs. Occasionally she sits on my lap and puts her front paws on the desk. Adorable, yet awkward!
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Erik and I worked in my garden almost all of Sunday. He pulled up a bunch of sod for me -- doubling the size of the front flower bed and clearing out the last bit of sod/blackberries near the house, so I have one more full-sun vegitable spot. I still have to knock the extra soil off the removed sod and either pitch it into the blackberries or fill the yard waste container with it, but it would have taken my puny arms four days to do what he did in one.

While he was being all manly (and shirtless *g*), I divided the thyme and sage from the whiskey-barrel herb garden to give the rosemary more breathing room. I started some fertilizer tea steeping, which I'll feed it after I get home tonight.

The other big job was preparing a half-wine barrel for the flowering currant. I'd heeled it in over night, and Erik and I went to Bark'n'Garden for barrel and soil. I always forget how expensive dirt is. Damn. Currant better like that potting soil! At least I didn't have to buy gravel to let the bottom drain. There's a parking lot across the street -- I sneak over with a bucket and steal gravel from the side where the rocks haven't been soaking in oil.

Doozer stopped in for a bit so I could attempt some tune-ups on his bike, and he pedaled back and forth between to my folks' house to bring me spade bits for drilling drainage holes.

The flowering currant has a slight lean to it. This is probably due to being 'stored' in an odd mound of dirt at the nursery, but I prefer to blame it on being planted in a barrel that still smells gloriously of wine. My plant? Total boozer. Anyway, the snockered currant is supposed to be irresistable to hummingbirds, and I can't wait to get home and see if it's bloomed yet*. I really, really want my tree to grow hummingbirds.

[ profile] notyourroommate and I positioned it carefully in view of the tiny kitchen window, by having one of us check the view from the kitchen while the other did an interpretive tree/hummingbird dance in various locations in the yard.

Michelle and I even attacked the blackberries for awhile. It's not effective, but it's satisfying, and it's really hard to stop once you've started. Blackberrie slashing is the scab-picking of the gardening world.

I really like playing in the dirt.

*Seriously. I am just shy of the stage of excitment where the kid digs up the seeds to see if they've sprouted.
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I ran into a whole boatload of FiddleTunes friends at Folklife! Cathy and Sally were down from Alaska and just as cheerful as ever. Steve has a large selection of home brew to cart to FT happy hour. Warren is no longer with Centrum, which I already knew and which totally fubar'd my plan for an FT work-trade, but Gordy is still working on his next album and is still planning on having me do the cover, so not all is lost on the schmozing-graphic-design-work front.

Erik was my roadie, lugging Baby around, which would have drummed up a whole lot of business if A. He played fiddle and/or B. The music played on that fiddle was primarily Scottish. As it was we just confused people. Isn't having the kilt-wearing guy who plays Indian classical music on anything but a violin carrying the violin for the gypsy-dressed girl who plays mostly irish music the kind of culture-soup folklife is all about?

We discovered the cultural dance of skinheads and heard the extra-terrestrial contribution of cheerleaders. Also, gravity is run by gremlins who hold your feet to the earth, if you're bored in Juneau the thing to do is drive to LA and compete on the Price is Right, and my mom is certain that Eskimos hear more notes because it's cold, which is kind of a musical super-conductor theory.

Now I have to go balance my checkbook, which is seriously hurting from my lack of room-mate and driving around to entertain my Japanese friends.

Also, I think I have an electrical fire in my stove. Ta!
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[ profile] westrider came down yesterday, and I do think great fun was had by all! I wish he'd been able to find a job in Oly. Not only did we get to catch up, but he got on well with Erik. In fact, the three of us got rather giggly in the Safeway and ended up with far too much ice cream.

Even sixteen year old, PMS-ing girls do not put away chocolate ice cream like that, guys. I am in awe*.

With that quantity of sugar in the room, it only seemed right for Pete and I to start reminiscing about the pivotal aspects of our college life.

Some generations have great moments or movements, cultural shifts or developments that define their college years.

We have Lions In Kenya.

(If only Erik had been warned that one of the dangers of cradle-robbing from my particular generation would involve incredibly catchy, repetitive songs for ridiculous flashimation, perhaps he would have thought twice. But it's too late - he's been exposed.)

*3/4 of my pint are still in my freezer.
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[ profile] hawkdancer has a new romantic interest, [ profile] bluwyngz is ENGAGED, and I have a huge vase of flowers sitting on my dining room table making pretty smells at me. (There's even Freisia in it - one of the bestest flower smells ever). You can almost hear the cheesy soft-rock!

Erik should thank my past involvements for being stubbornly unromantic, because their absolute refusal to get flowers and insistence that they were unnecessary/impractical/expensive* means that I'm even more over-the-moon to get them now. He knew that, remembered it, and actually acted on it! Major happy points.

*I am a very pragmatic person in general, but it gets rather tiring when people assume that you're like that about everything. We all deserve a few silly foibles.
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I'm disqualified from hosting a Singles Awareness Day party, my normal February 14 past time, and Erik isn't even here to DO anything with. To be fair, he did offer to break up with me noisily and messily in the airport (and get back together when he gets back) so that I could host the party while he was gone. So thoughtful! We decided not to, though, because it was late at night and there wasn't enough audience at the security line to make it worth the effort.

Still, even if he is far away, there's a lot to celebrate...
After today, the guy on capitol way selling gigantic vulgar cheap pink stuffed animals will be gone! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!
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Gerald rearranged his April travel plans, and now we definitley have a trio for Arts Walk. The only thing left (besides practicing occasionally) is that most critical challenge, The Band Name.

My mother, a fan of any advertising that gets people through the doors, suggests Hot and Naked. My father, a more practical man, prefers Tips Accepted. I'm fond of neither, and especially dislike my father's suggestion of WilL Sleep Around For Gigs, especially since it is base falsehood.*

These have been vetoed.

Other names which one of us can't support include (but are no means limited to!) ...
Two Grumps and a Gimp
Two Duffers and a Ditz
2 and a half Pints
(I'd be the half, natch)
We Have Day Jobs
Three Neat

Names which are still in the running...
Blue Heron
Totally Oblivious
Tonally Oblivious
Trad, Anon.

The Band Name Game is now open! Comment with your brilliant ideas. If it matters, we play accoustic traditional-based (but not always traditional) music, from Irish, Quebecois, and Contra repetoirs. The gwo guys are old enough to be my father. One of them is my father. I = fiddle, Dad = bodhran, Gerald = mandolin +guitar.

*Gerald: "And all this time I thought it had something to do with talent."
Dad: "Maybe it does.

Yes. That was really my father implying that of course his offspring would be good in bed. Best not to think about that too hard. Mom explained that he assumes it's genetic and I got it from him.

Since the actual offer was more one of convienience, perhaps a more appropriate name would be Speeddial 6 (or whichever I actually am on Erik's phone).
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I agree with [ profile] kehrli that a somewhat slower 2008 would be lovely, and with [ profile] westrider that I'm, to put it mildly, a bit jazzed to see the back of 2007 and get into 2008. Though, to tell the truth, the later part of the year treated me rather well, it got off to such a rocky start it left a lingering bad taste.

And what about 2008?

Comics, finally, because I'm On A Mission From God*.
A few more mornings like this morning wouldn't be too bad, either...mmmmm.

Those aren't resolutions so much as wishes and intentions, and I have no problem with that.

Now, I'm going to do something to my hair, put on a ridiculously sparkly dress, and take Erik contra dancing until midnight. New years rocks.

*He Called me! This afternoon! On the phone! Take that, unbelievers - Lets get some peace on this muthafuckin earth!
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As observers may have noticed, my last few weeks have been a yummy flambe'd shitfest a bit of a roller coaster. I spent most of Wednesday feeling like the victim of a drive-by-relationship; that the experiences normally spaced out over more than a year had just rushed by in a week and a half, throwing me to the curb with multiple lacerations (It is important to note, dear protective readers, that the other party wasn't driving; he was sitting on the other side of the street wearing the same slightly concussed expression).

It was a truly surreal experience.

Yesterday the hit-and-run turned around, picked us both up, and gave us cocoa. And the car. So that overextended metaphor is promising.

But even that is not surreal enough. I might not have my faith in the universe restored! QUICK, UNIVERSE: WHAT ELSE CAN YOU GIVE ME?

Bast*: How about a cat?

Decaf, whom I haven't seen in months, was waiting for me at the bus stop. She walked me the block home, was there bitching when I had to be on the phone, and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that all the humans were happy.

Me: I'd hug you, but I'd have to sit on the cat.
Me: Why is she sitting on YOUR lap, kneading MY leg?
E: It's kitty menage a trois.

But wait! A kitty and a boy might not be enough! All cannot be right with the world while my dad is in his shit-hole work situation...Oh. A new job...where? Yes sir, MR DIRECTOR SIR!

But what about [ profile] madalchemist? His temp term will be up soon, and...Dad calls...talking...OH! CONGRATULATIONS, [ profile] madalchemist!

I'm now heading down to southern Oregon to celebrate Christmas, but I honestly have no idea what more the season has to give me. If anyone reading this is thinking about shopping, and me - donate to the heifer project or something else cool. Help [ profile] kehrli pay of the credit card. Seriously - I am not in need.

*[ profile] q13_exe, we all know I'm strong in my faith of you as my personal lord and savior, but cats rule themselves, and are guided only by Bast. I think we probably agree on that one...

**I do not believe that all cats speak in capslock, but there is no doubt that Decaf does.
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Our Clarence, who art in Bellingham, hallowed be thy name...

I understand that you send these things to test us and try our faith, but just once could it not be complicated?



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