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I realize those still in LJ land haven't yet seen pics of the progress I've already made (if anyone can recommend a free image hosting service that isn't a pain in the ass, please do!), but it's time for me to do another giant to-do list.

I have end of May/beginning of June deadlines for both a big ol' freelance project AND getting my fake driveway done, so that basically accounts for all of May.

Fake Paver Driveway / Patio (must be done by June 1!)

  • Finish digging driveway hole (easy except that I've had health issues, so may require help)

  • Order & spread gravel ($$$, plus extra for fence)

  • Form 'pavers' ($$$, requires dad's help. The 'how' part is somewhat of a mystery)

  • pour driveway ($$$, requires dad's help)

  • PROFIT get inspection!

Other Yarden things

  • Build short  retaining wall + steps in front ($$$, hiring friend Tom to do it)

  • Take down ~50' of old fence, build new fence ($$$ and work party)

  • cut old fence boards down for border (borrow or buy saw)

  • take down cherry tree (requires dad's help or $$$ to hire someone)

  • limb up / clean up maple ($$$ to hire arborist)

  • redo back path with fence-board border & sheet mulch

  • edge existing south bed with fence boards

  • continue sheet mulching back yard

  • build raised beds in front yard ($$$ for materials, probably soil)

Exterior House things

  • install ridge vent ($$$, dad's help)

  • exterior trim for new windows ($$$ for material)

  • wire in extra porch light from outside

  • siding patches on new areas ($$$ for material)

  • final inspection and off permit!

  • remove alumnimum siding from front

  • clean & paint front of house

Interior House things

  • studio window trim

  • studio chimney trim & shelves

  • sand & finish studio door

  • finish drywall mud in laundry room

  • replumb laundry room ($$$, dad's help)

  • floor laundry room ($$$)

  • patch living room drywall

  • paint living room & hallway (already have paint!)

  • replacing living room fan

  • replace living room baseboard & door casing?

  • replace living room heater

  • paint dining room

  • rewire master bedroom for wall sconce

  • paint master bedroom that's not so much!

Mind you, these are the 'little things' -- the finishing-up parts of my major project, before starting any new major projects, like the kitchen or bathroom remodels. :P

The exciting part for me is that there are a bunch of things in both the yard and the inside of the house that don't require (much) money or external labor. Patching, painting, trim, edging, replacement of lights and heaters -- those are all really cheap and things I can easily do on my ownsy. There are just a few big-ticket items where I have to figure out if I have any friends left whom I haven't already hit up for manual labor!


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