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I made a list on LJ in August of 2016 of things that needed to get done on the house. I went back to it so I could see progress, and hey, there IS progress! Whoohoo! Maybe it'll help me plan my weekend.

Fake Paver Driveway / Patio
All steps gloriously finished! I sometimes practice my fiddle out there.

Other Yarden things
  • Retaining wall: Currently being built by my friend Tom!
  • take down cherry & willow trees (requires dad's help or $$$ to hire someone)
  • limb up / clean up maple ($$$$ to hire arborist)
  • redo back path with fence-board border & sheet mulch
  • Extend back path
  • Finish edging existing south bed with fence boards
  • continue sheet mulching back yard (made progress, nowhere near finished)
Once the wall is done, it'll be time for garden soil and raised beds and planning. Fun stuff. I can't hire an arborist or other help until I'm done paying for the retaining wall. It's more expensive than expected (of course) and I may well be broke after.

Exterior House things
  • install ridge vent  or other vents ($$$, dad's help)
  • exterior trim for new windows ($$$ for material)
  • siding patches on new areas ($$$ for material)
  • final inspection and off permit!
  • remove aluminum siding from front
  • clean & paint front of house
  • wire in extra porch light from outside
  • New water line put in autumn 2016
I really should vent the attic better, but all the cosmetic house things can wait a year or two.

Interior House things


  • studio window trim
  • studio chimney trim & shelves
  • sand & finish studio door  Done!

Living Room & hallway
  • replace living room heater
  • patch living room drywall
  • paint living room & hallway (already have paint!)
  • replace living room fan Done!
  • NEW: replace hall closet door  Done!
  • replace living room baseboard & door casing? ...eventually. 
  • Finish cleaning out guest room
  • sand, stain, & finish rent-a-room window trim
  • repaint rent-a-room
  • Replace rent-a-room closet doors
  • rewire master bedroom for wall sconce? Someday later.
  • paint master bedroom
Laundry room
  • Delayed until autumn: replumb laundry room ($$$, dad's help)
  • Delayed until autumn: finish drywall mud in laundry room
  • Delayed until autumn: floor laundry room ($$$)


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